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Since 1997 The Founders Of Puerto Rico Solar Have Brought You The Power Of The Sun At Down To Earth Prices
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Power Your Existing Air Conditioning System With Solar Energy Without Having To Purchase A Whole House Solar Power System.

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Puerto Rico Solar Will Beat Any Nationally Advertised, In Stock Price On Our Same Installed Solar Panel System Or Your System Is Free.

Because of our direct relationship with manufacturers that produce the finest solar panels in the world, the length of time that we've been selling solar panels and our superior buying power, Puerto Rico Solar systems are typically priced thousands of dollars less than the competition and include only Simply Better Components. Puerto Rico Solar Will Beat any nationally advertised price on solar for homes and businesses and give you the service, support and quality that you deserve.

Simply Better Solar TM

In an effort to be competitive, many dealers have resorted to offering thin light duty mounting rails that require many more roof penetrations, lightweight inverters with no output transformer, and solar panels with poorer PTC ratings, lesser warrantees and or poorer tolerance ratings.

Here at Puerto Rico Solar we never skimp on quality. Every home solar power system that we sell includes only the very best heavy duty components available on today's market.

And that's not just talk. In a side by side comparison we'll prove why our name brand top of the line grid tie solar systems outperforms the competition hands down at a price that can't be beat.


Mitsubishi solar panels

Spin your meter backwards with solar power.

Solar Panels For Homes And Businesses. Solar Home Will Help You Spin Your Meter Backwards With Solar Panels For Less.



With the cost of gasoline, natural gas and electricity going through the roof, isn't it time to start thinking about your energy budget as a whole ?

You can't make your own gasoline and you can't make your own natural gas, but now you CAN make your own electricity. And the best part about it is that the fuel to make own electricity falls from the sky everyday for free. 

Thousands of utility customers throughout the U.S., who were tired of the high cost of electricity have taken advantage of the huge cash rebates and tax credits which are available for the installation of solar energy systems on their homes and businesses.

And just think about it, when the price of electric vehicles start coming down, you'll have your very own
Electric Gas Station mounted on your roof so you can drive around on free electricity from the Sun and will never have to be a victim of the oil company's price whims again !

Home Solar
Power Systems From The Other Dealers Simply Cost Too Much.

So We Did Something About It.......

Solar panels at extremely competitive prices
We're so sure that our residential grid tie solar power systems include the best products at the best price that we'll beat any nationally advertised price on our same, in stock, top of the line solar system or your system is free.


Not Sharp®, Nor Solon®, Nor REC®, Nor Kyocera®, Nor Sanyo®, Nor Even SunPower® Solar Panels Meet All Of The Tough Standards That We've Set For Our Investment Grade Solar Panels.

In light of the recession, a buying opportunity like no other in the history of the solar industry has presented itself.

 Prices are down by nearly 50% from what they were just a year ago !

Just like real estate prices have hit bottom, so too has the price of a name brand, top of the line solar system. An investment into solar made perfect financial sense a year ago, today, installing a solar system is an absolute "no brainer" at these prices. 

If you've been considering solar panels for your home or business, your timing couldn't be better.

With the U.S., China, Italy, Japan, Pakistan, India and even Bulgaria ramping up their demand for solar, this record low pricing won't last much longer.

When you add this historically low pricing with the new 30% Federal tax credit and the California cash rebate, there has absolutely never been a better time to buy solar panels for your home or business.

Over the past two years prices for solar have dropped so incredibly low that it make absolutely no sense for anyone to continue to pay their high priced electric bills.

Why not finally say goodbye to the high cost of energy by making your own free electricity with a brand new maintenance free, state of the art solar electric system!

Solar Home 4kw grid tie solar kit

Example: Here's a big name brand 4.05kW (Now includes a free upgrade to 4.14kW) grid tie solar system with U.S. made mounting racks and inverter that offers a higher PTC to STC ratio for a bigger rebate than Sharp®, Kyocera®, SolarWorld® and many other manufacturers. A longer warranty than both Kyocera® And Sanyo®. An a better negative tolerance rating than Sharp® for only $2.20 per watt !

That's Only $9,108.00

And That Before Any Incentives !

Bet You Can't Beat This Quality Or This Price Anywhere !

And it includes:

1. Free rebate application processing assistance

2. Free roof layout design assistance

3. Free lifetime technical support

4. Free LED and CFL lighting package to further reduce your energy consumption !

Hurry Though, Prices On All Solar Panels Are Expected To Rise
Dramatically Once The U.S. Department Of Commerce Completes Its Anti Dumping Ruling


Since 1997 the founders of Puerto Rico Solar have helped thousands of utility customers throughout the United States to dramatically reduce or even eliminate their electric bills by taking advantage of the generous cash rebates and tax credits which are available the installation of solar electric systems on their homes and businesses.

For example, in Puerto Rico, there's a 50% personal tax credit for the installation of a residential solar electric system with a maximum of $5,000.00 per year and excess may be carried over 10 years.

In addition there's even a cash rebate of up to $4,000.00 per DC kilowatt for residential and commercial installations and $8,000.00 per DC kilowatt for government installations with a maximum of $15,000.00 or 50% or whichever is less for residential, $100,000.00 or 50% or whichever is less for commercial and $100.000.00 for government installations.

And unlike the old solar systems of yesteryear that produced hot water, these new systems actually generate electricity ! Clean reliable electricity to run lights, TVs, air conditioning, pumps, refrigerators, computers and many other appliances, all with free energy from the Sun !

With the cost of fuel oil, natural gas and electricity going through the roof, it is now time to start thinking about your energy budget as a whole. Unfortunately you can't make your own fuel oil, or natural gas, but you CAN make your own electricity, thus reducing your overall energy budget. The beauty of it all is that the fuel that's needed to make your own electricity falls from the sky every day for free !

Give us a call, we are here to provide you with fact based answers that are supported by the manufacturers specification sheets, government endorsed independent photovoltaic lab test results and our 14 solid years of experience exclusively in the solar industry.

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Our Home Solar Power Systems Have Been Installed Throughout The Entire U.S.

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Solar Home is your source for solar power.

Puerto Rico Solar founder Mr. Ray Boggs with Mr. Chevy Chase and his wife at a recent Environmental Awards Dinner.

Join the thousands who have said goodbye to high electric bills and have made a commitment to saving our precious environment.

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The Southern California Solar Energy Expo Hosted By The Creators Of Solar Home

If you missed our last show, you missed a lot. Held at the Fairplex in Pomona, California. On hand was the California Energy Commission presenting information on the California Solar Panel Initiative, Home Power Magazine, Xantrex Technology, BP Solar, Outback Power, Southwest Wind Power, Outback Power, Dankoff Solar, Energy Outfitters, Unirac and SMA America just to name a few.

The Creators of Solar Home would like to thank all of the vendors for helping to make our last Expo a huge success.

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If you're searching for an Off-Grid solar panel system or a system for your RV or Boat click here.

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